PANDA BEAR — “Surfer’s Hymn (Vinyl Rip)” (Tomboy, 2011)

"Out on the water, a rider can get ready; the waves come crashing, a good board can steady"

The folks over at Collected Animals were able to get their hands on a copy of the Surfer’s Hymn 7” (apparently a few copies were in Other Music today) and have uploaded a rip of the A-side, “Surfer’s Hymn.” The song is absolutely heavenly, with its soaring harmonies and layered vocals. The beat is loud and strong, plodding along underneath the kaleidoscopic marimba-like sound that pinwheels in the background throughout the track. The song eventually dies down and is overtaken by the sound of waves washing ashore. “Surfer’s Hymn” is easily the most reminiscent of Person Pitch of the songs we’ve heard thus far.

It’s a pretty high-quality rip, but it should be noted that this is Panda’s mix, not the final album version.

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